Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Kickshaws Downtown Market

You know what I love? Well, I love a great many things. I love puppies, and blossoming trees, infographics, and cheesecake. I also love small businesses. I love small businesses and I love sustainable farming.

Kickshaw's Downtown Market has a wonderful Kickstarter campaign running until, April 28th. They plan on opening a local, organic market, in Downtown Fredericksburg! They are going to load it full of produce from sustainable farms, and sell organic meats, and all that wonderful stuff that just makes my heart smile! I really look forward to having them become a part of our tightly knit community.

Check out their cheeky Kickstarter clip. The website walks you through ways to donate, if you feel moved to do so.

Good luck, guys!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Relay Foods = Awesomesauce!

So last week I did something really cool! I picked up all this organic, local (where possible), produce for ONE WHOLE DOLLAR, via   Relay Foods.

My toddler weighs 28.6 lbs. This tote weighed almost as much as he did!

Relay Foods

Please note, the halos above the produce...

Relay Foods / Sapanraggo

Lucky, it was GORGEOUS last Friday. So we walked to the park where the Relay Foods van was parked, threw a football around a bit, talked to Nathan the friendly, awesome Relay Foods rep, picked up our box (which I actually unloaded into the tote shown above), and walked home. I count the hill on my way back as my workout for the day!

Here's the chicken I roasted using only my groceries from Relay Foods, a chicken (on sale at the grocery store!), and some Earth's Best "butter." Ain't she a beauty!

Relay Foods

This meal fed my ravenous family of honey badgers  four for under $6.00 TOTAL. That's called a win, guys. I didn't even use half of my produce box.

So let's talk numbers and things. Because they are awesome, your first produce box with Relay Foods is ONE DOLLAR. This promo is only good until April 28th, however and it's only good on The Relay Organic Produce, half share. Put in the Promo code 1122 at checkout! After the 28th, you can still get a really sweet deal: $30 off of $50!

They fill your box to the gills with organic produce and then you either pick it up at a specified location, OR they deliver it to your door (an extra fee applies for that). Yay! If you have allergies, or really picky kids, their customer service rocks and I'm sure they would be more than happy to work with you as far as picking the produce goes.

food truck

NOW, once you zip through the website and order your box (sooo user friendly!), it will automatically refill every week unless you tell it not to. Frankly, that box of organic produce for $40.00 is a steal, so I would encourage you to let it refill. If you DON'T want it to refill, you can stop it at anytime. No strings attached.

I cancelled my refill seconds after placing the order. It was idiot proof. You cancel your refill via the My Account section at the top right of the page.

I love the integrity of this company. When I picked up my box, Nathan actually reminded me to cancel my weekly refill if I didn't want it. Who does that? An honesty company does. I love it!

Oh yeah, and they do have meat. They have meat, vegan boxes, vegetarian  boxes, straight up produce you can choose from, home-goods, and baby products! You can get diapers! Woot!

relay foods snips

So...why am I showing you this picture of beer?

It's J's first home-brew!! It's an IPA and it is so good, y'all! Congrats on a stellar first batch, J! It's not too hoppy and it's very smooth! My parents got J a home-brew kit for Christmas and guess what? Relay Foods carries not only THAT kit, but several others!

relay foods snips

How great is that?

Also important: Wine

relay foods snips

Just follow this link to place your first order. They'll walk you through the discount process (This promo is only good until April 28th, however and it's only good on The Relay Organic Produce, half share. Put in the Promo code 1122 at checkout! After the 28th, you can still get a really sweet deal: $30 off of $50! ). Full disclosure: I'm not getting paid by Relay Foods. I just think they're awesome! Now, I AM an affiliate. So, anytime you purchase via a button on my blog or through any links, a bit of money goes towards my family's next purchase. Thank you in advance for helping me feed my honey badgers ravenous boys!


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Little Bunnies

Easter Ears Zoot 018 copy

Easter Ears Zoot 021 copy

Easter Ears Zoot 009 copy

Easter Ears Zoot 015 copy

My boys are starting to look more alike, I think.

race+and+easter+week+42+045 copy

Have a Hoppy Easter and an Egg-cellent weekend!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Zoot's First Birthday Party!

I'm not doing to lie. There are a lot of pictures in the post. They were all so cute, I couldn't make any cuts! So, go pour yourself something warm and caffeinated and settle in for a bit. This cold, gloomy Wednesday is about to get a bit more warm and fuzzy.

Zoots first bday 003

Zoots first bday 006

Zoots first bday 010
Zoot got his own personal smash cake

Zoots first bday 015
I got a bit nostalgic with the decor.

Zoots first bday 016
Mind the fire alarm.
I made I banner we could use for multiple events. I actually like it so much, I may keep it in the living room.

Zoots first bday 024

Zoots first bday 026 copy

Zoots first bday 027

Zoots first bday 028 copy
My favorite crab eating gals.

Zoots first bday 040 copy

Zoots first bday 031 copy
Palming a beer and a baby toddler

Zoots first bday 034 copy
We had a grandparent's table in lieu of a kid's table

Zoots first bday 036 copy

Zoots first bday 037 copy

Zoots first bday 043 copy

Zoots first bday 047 copy

Zoots first bday 058 copy

Zoots first bday 059 copy

Zoots first bday 060 copy

Zoots first bday 069 copy
This is my, "OMG THIS BOOK HAS A MAP!" face.

Zoots first bday 079 copy

Zoots first bday 083 copy

Zoots first bday 089 copy

Zoots first bday 091 copy

Zoots first bday 096 copy

Zoots first bday 112 copy

Zoots first bday 121 copy

Zoots first bday 126 copy
This is real life.

Zoots first bday 128 copy

Maligayang kaarawan, Little Guy!

Week 52! Happy Birthday, Maddox!

Week 52 002 copy

Week 52 018 copy

Happy Birthday, to you...

Week 52 006 copy

Happy Birthday, to you...

Week 52 011 copy

Week 52 012 copy

Happy Birthday, Dear Maddox...

Week 52 014 copy

Happy Birthday, to you!