Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Best Summer That Ever Summered, 2014

So I've totally been slacking on my blogging this summer. So sorry. I've really just been having too much fun with the boys and have been preoccupied with all the fun stuff percolating at work. Here's a photo dump snapshot of the best summer I've had in years.

I hope you're enjoying yours half as much as we are!

Game night means ice-cream and  games where the rules and style of play are always changing.

I made this costume for Archer, but my lawd if it isn't slap-your-mama adorable on Zoot!

We spent the Fourth Of July, in Winchester, with a bunch of our friends. No we didn't coordinate outfits before hand, believe it or not. Great minds think alike, right?

Zoot was in complete awe of the fireworks and Archer got to hold a sparkler for the first time!

There was also a pretty intense blind beer tasting of session ales. It was a great weekend!

Also important: s'mores and superhero gloves.

Archer finished camp and will return for preschool in about a month and a half. I can't even believe it!

My favorite summer read so far. I think it should be required reading in all schools!

While Archer is at swim lessons with J, Zoot and I like to walk down to the Farmer's Market and see what's going on. It was really hot last weekend so I gave Zoot a cup of shaved ice on the way home.

Archer spent his first weekend away with my parents, last weekend! They took him fishing for the first time and he loved it! 

It was sweltering last week. So one morning, weary of indoor activities, I took the kids to a local wooded park with a beautiful, clear creak running through it. We got there early and left right before the temps became unbearable. It was perfect!

Next time, I'll remember to pack bathing suits...

The golden-y, dappled light is so pretty in the morning.

Our local library had live native animals for us to meet.

Annnnddd... I'm pretty sure this was one of the best moments of Archer's life. He was so nervous to meet Batman and Spiderman. He just kind of stared at them sheepishly, at first. Kinda like that episode of Community, with Levar Burton. Anyway, after a few hugs and high fives, he wouldn't leave their side! He totally fanboyd out. He showed them his spin kicks and told them all his life stories. They were good sports.

I'll leave off here. This post is already too long! I do have many more adventures to share so, stay tuned!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Archer's First Time At Camp!

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of this week, Archer will be/has been at camp. Well, technically it's Vacation Bible School, but that's pretty much the same thing just with a little Jesus thrown in. My friend told me last Thursday, that Archer's future preschool (he's starting in the fall!) was having a FREE 4 day VBS during the exact same time his future classes will be held.  I nearly fell out of my seat and sent an email from my phone to enroll him like that every second. No brainer, right?

Our drop off and pick up point.

His reaction on the first day when I picked him up. He was a blur.
The camp's theme this summer is unique animals. They've done lots of crafts, sang songs, played animal games, and today there will even be a few live animals for them to pet! He really has been loving it. Though, this morning he told me that he wanted to spend the day with Zoot and I instead. Yeah, drop off was a bit traumatic...By the time I walked out the door he was fine, though.

While Archer has been at camp, Zoot and I have been having adventures of our own. Gosh, shopping with just one kid is such a vacation! I even took him to Toddlin' Time for the first time ever. Without his brother around, he's a little shy and unsure of himself. After some coxing and ego stroking he jumped right into playing and dancing to the music. I'm loving all this one-on-one time!

Never-mind the black eye and forehead bruises. He ran full speed into a glass door. We've all been there.


Still...I can't wait to have Archer all to myself, on Friday. Love that little guy.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Archer's Three Year Letter

Dear Archer,

If someone asks you how old you are, you quickly hold up one finger and confidently tell them, "I am three." If someone asks you how you're feeling, you always respond with, "I am Archer." It makes Daddy and me smile because it's so cute and it's so true. 

You are Archer.

Archer, I don't think anyone has impacted my life quite like you have. You came into this world so entirely pure and good. It seems so simple, but that little fact was a life altering revelation to me.

I had always deep down believed that people were born selfish. I thought that sharing went against human instinct and generosity was a discipline that one had to learn. I felt that love was accidental at best, and some people just were unable or unwilling to experience it.  Like Eden Abez said, "The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return."

Then you were born and everything changed.

As your mommy, I have had the privilege and honor of watching you grow up. From day one, your fierce little warrior heart has brimmed with love and the sincerest concern for everyone in your world. Before you could even speak, you were offering us bites of your cookies. In the morning, before you've even wiped the sleep out of your eyes, you check on your baby brother. You worry about him missing his mama and fret over him being hungry. When we caught fireflies last week, you made sure to find their mommies and daddies, too. You didn't want the baby fireflies to miss their mommies. All your action figures get tucked in. You share everything without being asked. You always have. Archer, my love, you have changed my entire opinion on humanity just by being you. By being entirely pure and good.

You have changed everything. 

I love you baby boy. I love you more than I can even understand. That love is deep, primal, healing, and scary. I think I'll take Abez's quote and expand on it a little.

I believe that the greatest thing I've ever learned is that we are born to love.

Thank you for being Archer and for being three.



Monday, June 30, 2014

We're Still Here!!

So I've totally been slacking on updating the ole blog. It's summertime. Everything is crazy. Add to that the fact that I'm working more and my thyroid levels are crapping out again and... well, I've had to prioritize my time and energy. Mostly my energy. Which is low on a good day.

I don't mean for that to come out as whiny and stuff. To be honest, I haven't had a summer this much fun in years! I think going forward, most of my entries here will be family and picture related, at least until school starts. Did I just write that??? I still can't believe Archer will be going to preschool in just two months!Which reminds me, I still need to write Archer's 3 year letter, send out thank you notes, etc, etc, etc, continued...

Let's just do this a little bit longer...

Happy 3rd Birthday, Archer!

Archer catching fireflies for the first time!

Playing hard in the sun or in the pool makes for super epic naptmes.

There are soo many weddings and birthdays, in June!! It's a month where we are constantly celebrating the people we love.

... and then passing out in the car shortly thereafter.


First date is a beach picnic with cupcakes. BOSS.




Playing ball in the park with daddy, on Father's Day.


Annnnnndd... I just think this picture is hilarious.


Cheers to Summer!