Thursday, April 17, 2014

Little Bunnies

Easter Ears Zoot 018 copy

Easter Ears Zoot 021 copy

Easter Ears Zoot 009 copy

Easter Ears Zoot 015 copy

My boys are starting to look more alike, I think.

race+and+easter+week+42+045 copy

Have a Hoppy Easter and an Egg-cellent weekend!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Zoot's First Birthday Party!

I'm not doing to lie. There are a lot of pictures in the post. They were all so cute, I couldn't make any cuts! So, go pour yourself something warm and caffeinated and settle in for a bit. This cold, gloomy Wednesday is about to get a bit more warm and fuzzy.

Zoots first bday 003

Zoots first bday 006

Zoots first bday 010
Zoot got his own personal smash cake

Zoots first bday 015
I got a bit nostalgic with the decor.

Zoots first bday 016
Mind the fire alarm.
I made I banner we could use for multiple events. I actually like it so much, I may keep it in the living room.

Zoots first bday 024

Zoots first bday 026 copy

Zoots first bday 027

Zoots first bday 028 copy
My favorite crab eating gals.

Zoots first bday 040 copy

Zoots first bday 031 copy
Palming a beer and a baby toddler

Zoots first bday 034 copy
We had a grandparent's table in lieu of a kid's table

Zoots first bday 036 copy

Zoots first bday 037 copy

Zoots first bday 043 copy

Zoots first bday 047 copy

Zoots first bday 058 copy

Zoots first bday 059 copy

Zoots first bday 060 copy

Zoots first bday 069 copy
This is my, "OMG THIS BOOK HAS A MAP!" face.

Zoots first bday 079 copy

Zoots first bday 083 copy

Zoots first bday 089 copy

Zoots first bday 091 copy

Zoots first bday 096 copy

Zoots first bday 112 copy

Zoots first bday 121 copy

Zoots first bday 126 copy
This is real life.

Zoots first bday 128 copy

Maligayang kaarawan, Little Guy!

Week 52! Happy Birthday, Maddox!

Week 52 002 copy

Week 52 018 copy

Happy Birthday, to you...

Week 52 006 copy

Happy Birthday, to you...

Week 52 011 copy

Week 52 012 copy

Happy Birthday, Dear Maddox...

Week 52 014 copy

Happy Birthday, to you!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Visiting Dinosaurs At The Smithsonian / The Best Day Of Archer's Life So Far.

 070 copy

A few weeks ago, we had a play date with an old friend. She told us that The Dinosar Hall, at the Smithsonian, was scheduled to have a much needed face lift, and would be temporarily closing for FIVE YEARS. Thank goodness she told us. We had three weeks to make some plans, and plan we did!

J graciously took off work, last Wednesday, and we headed up there as soon as breakfast was over, and we were clear of rush hour traffic. In the DC area, we plan our lives around traffic.  This basically gave us an open window of 9:30-ish to 2:00pm.

We decided to take the metro and put Zoot in the Ergo. We didn't want the hassle of a stroller, and Archer is big enough to walk. When his legs were tired J popped him on his shoulders, or we just took a break. J also wore my backpack. I only packed essentials to keep it light and swapped out cloth diapers for plastic ones.

nug and zoot on the mall

We were a little nervous about trekking to DC during one of the most glorious Cherry Blossom Seasons I can remember. I'm glad we did, though! It wasn't nearly as crowded as I thought it would be. I guess everyone was at the Tidal Basin soaking in the perfect Spring weather.

073 copy

Archer was totally, "meh" about the whole thing. Not excited in the least bit, really.

dino reaction


Upon entering The Dinosaur Hall, he quickly spotted his favorite dinosaur, "Dinosaur Weeno (Rhino)," and asked to have his picture taken in front of it. He loved pointing out the T-Rex, Apatosaurus, and dinosaur eggs to me. What an adorable little scientist!

082 copy

Maddox spent a good deal of the trip people watching, flirting, waving his arms in excitement, and nibbling at contraband pretzels I snuck him from time to time. Shhhhh...

083 copy



I loved the Ice Age exhibit. How adorable is this little guy?

089 - Copy

093 copy

All in all, it was a perfect day. We spent just the right amount of time there. No sense trying to cram the entire museum into one visit! We had lunch at a hidden little cafe between the Dinosaur Exhibit and the Ice Age exhibit (Be prepared to spend $10.00 on a sandwich). Then, after we said bye-bye to all the dinosaurs, we took a brief walk around The Mall and Sculpture Garden, and left just in time for the boys to fall asleep on the metro. 

When I say, "boys" I do mean all the boys.

095 copy

The Dinosaur Hall temporarily shuts down, on April 28th. You can plan your visit here.  No need to rush, though! There *should* still be dinosaurs at the National Geographic Museum.

Also/ and: I highly recommend this book for the days leading up to, and following, your trip. It was like the cherry on top of an already kick ass sundae.

curious georg

If you do go be sure to give Dinosaur Weeno our best.